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Artistic Career

Virginia Romero



Born in La Línea, Cádiz, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Malaga`s University. You can see her work through this Facebook page where she shares her paintings in, she is currently followed by more than 18,000 people, called Equestrian Art VRomero.


Her work can be found all over the world, from the United States to Australia, to individuals and well-known breeders.

Currently and for a few years she has lived in the Canary Islands, where in addition to creating her paintings, she is a teacher at the academy of fine arts, El Patio del Arte .

She also develops her artistic projects through tattooing, in a professional studio, understanding the skin as a new canvas on which to capture creativity and continue giving wings to her equestrian art project.

'Hermoso & Patricia'' (Sold)

Artistic CV 

-"Deep Blue" painting, cover of the Catalog "The Arabian Horses in Spain" of the National Association of Arabian Horse Breeders, 2021

-Interview for the BAPSH magazine (British Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders), 2015


-Interview for PassionPRE magazine of Mexico, April 2015


-Painting 'Maestoso Trofetta' cover of Capriole magazine, Sweden, March 2015


-'Maestoso Trofetta' image of the PRE Aguascalientes morphological contest, Anccemex, Mexico, 2015


- Interview in Ecuestre magazine, in its paper edition, no. 374, April 2014.


- Design of the poster for the 2014 Catalan Dressage Championship held at the CAVA, draw for that painting among the gold medals of the competition.


- Interview for the TopIberian website for the raffle for one of my paintings during the 2013 Copa del Rey Dressage, held in Can Alzina


-Appearance in the annual magazine 'Equina Majestuosity V' 2013-2014 Colombia


- Exhibition at SICAB 2013, Seville


- Exhibit at 'Equine Affaire' 2013 at the USPREBA (United States PRE Horse Breeders Association) booth in Columbus, Ohio, United States.


- Appearance of his painting 'The Light' in the Dutch documentary about the Spanish horse'Documentary "Horse of Kings" which includes interviews with relevant people in the history of the Spanish horse.

-Individual exhibition "Pairing". Sabinillas, Malaga. April 2013

- Individual exhibition "Remembering forgetfulness" Ateneo Algeciras, Cádiz. April 2013


- Málaga Nostrum Exhibition, Málaga. March 2013

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